A little detail.

Some background

Prior to becoming a photographer my background was fashion related, and I think this has had a great influence on my work and how I see photographically, I want to catch the real moments in a nice light, literally and metaphorically.

I've been photographing professionally now for about sixteen years, In that time I've been lucky enough to work with really lovely people, and it's been gratifying that a good many of my clients have had a fashion or visual art background.

Importantly I studied photography at college for four years before I started photographing weddings. Sometimes there's no substitute for a good technical understanding.


I always describe my aim as being to take great photographs at a wedding, not to take wedding photographs per se.

I usually have a a short period in the day for formal group shots, and I like to steal my couples away for a few minutes to get some nice relaxed portraits together, but mostly I like you to have as much time with your friends and family as possible, so the majority of my photographs are unposed and natural shots.

What I provide

I like to keep things as simple as possible, so I arrive as early as I need to give you nice coverage at the beginning of the day, and stay until I feel I have everything visually covered.

Generally this would mean my starting two hours before the ceremony, and finishing a little beyond the first dance. This in practice can be anything from nine to eleven hours and is included in my days fee.

I edit out any blinks or unflattering images, then all the images [usually around 800] are adjusted and colour corrected in photoshop and are provided on a USB stick at full resolution ready for printing.

I also host an online gallery with a little over half of the images on, a nice way to share the day with family and friends.

What next

If you've enjoyed my galleries and would like to know more, then please give me a call or email me on info@robertlawler.co.uk.

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